Salk Centenary

Google Doodle Salk
Google Doodle for Salk’s 100th birthday on October 28, 2014,  courtesy of

We’re  back from New York and Pittsburgh, where JSLF has just celebrated a wave of Centenary events hosted at CCNY, NYU, and the University of Pittsburgh surrounding World Polio Day and Jonas Salk’s 100th birthday on October 28th, 2014.

We will be updating this blog to keep our readers and participants current on centenary events and JSLF’s work. We will share media galleries, slides, and news from events as they become available. (See the Galleries menu for preliminary photos from CCNY).

Thanks to all of our participants and collaborators for making the start of the centenary year a rousing success, and please be in touch with us directly at for any followup.

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