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The Salk Institute—Jonas Salk 100th Birthday Global Health Symposium: Viruses, Vaccines and Pandemics

Jonas Salk at the Spring equinox, 1988
Image courtesy of The Salk Institute. Source:

The Salk Institute is hosting the Jonas Salk 100th Birthday Global Health Symposium this Thursday.

Take a look at the impressive lineup here, and visit the Salk’s Salk 100 page for historic photos and videos. William Brody, president of the Salk Institute, will open the event, and Inder Verma, professor at Salk,  will introduce the speakers.

  • Gary Nabel of Sanofi will present “Addressing Viral Diversity: The Challenge of AIDS and Ebola Vaccines”.
  • Rino Rappuoli of Novartis will present “Vaccines: Science, Health, Longevity and Wealth”. Dr. Rappuoli is Global Head of Vaccines Research at Novartis in Siena, Italy.

  • Alfred Sommer (Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University) will present “Global Health: A Personal, Peripatetic Perspective”.
  • Paul Offit (University of Pennsylvania; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) will address The Cutter Incident. Dr. Offit was also a speaker at the NYU Centenary Symposium. He discussed the Philadelphia measles outbreak in 1991 for a panel on ethics and the anti-vaccine movement. Subsequently, he spoke on the rotavirus vaccine recall and the deleterious consequences of the seven-year gap in rotavirus inoculation. See Offit’s webpage here.
  • Peter Salk (Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation) will offer closing remarks.

JSLF extends thanks to the speakers and participants at the Jonas Salk 100th Birthday Global Health Symposium and to the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for organizing and hosting this special event.

Image credit: images of Jonas Salk and of the Salk Institute are used courtesy of the Salk Institute.

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